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Keyword Analysis Tips for Beginners

What Is Keyword Analysis?

A keyword analysis evaluates and analyzes keywords and search phrases to determine which ones are likely to bring people to your website.

To determine which keywords are appropriate for your business, conduct comprehensive keyword research and evaluation.

Nowadays, many software programs allow users to perform keyword analysis. The most well-known is Google’s Keyword Planner tool, however it doesn’t provide 100% complete information for search phrases.

Why Is Keyword Analysis Important?

Performing a keyword analysis is necessary for determining which keywords will effectively provide benefit to your content. The selection of keywords is an essential component of SEO strategy, and examining these terms will assist you in gauging the efficacy of your upcoming search campaigns. You can always “wing it” making educated guesses about a few of these words and phrases, but there’s really no need to chance it.

It’s always best to research the keywords you’re interested in as well as synonyms, to ensure you include the most appropriate terms for your subject matter. It’s usually helpful to learn more about your terms’ primary intent and general search volume.

Keyword Difficulty

You may find during your research that there is a potential to create informative content about a product or service you provide. Knowing a keyword’s difficulty is also helpful in determining if a term is worth pursuing. The ranking problem for a key phrase in organic results is resolved by its keyword difficulty. 

Depending on the software, there will be indicators as to how difficult each keyword is, with zero typically being the easiest to rank for, and 100 being the most difficult.

If your website eventually becomes an enormous success, you might be able to go for these complex terms in the future. However, If your website is relatively new, you don’t want to try to target an 80 to 100-difficulty keyword. It’s far more feasible for you to target a term with a difficulty of 0 to 30 as you’re starting out.

Knowing metrics like KD (keyword difficulty) will help you make more informed decisions regarding how you setup your organic search optimization campaigns.

Perform a Competitor Analysis to Expand Your Keyword List

Another helpful technique to supplement your keyword analysis process is to study your competitors.

  • The number of common keywords you share with rivals.
  • The total number of organic keywords they have.
  • The organic traffic of each competitor is typically estimated.
  • View your competitors’ average organic traffic costs.
  • For each domain, how many paid keywords are there?

Search for Additional Keyword Ideas

You may also use keyword analysis to increase the size of your keyword list in a variety of other ways. You can type a seed keyword related to your business in most SEO software tools. Then you’ll be able to view variations of that keyword and which ones have the highest search volume (the most crucial metric in many cases).

Here are some pointers to assist you when browsing through the most appropriate keywords:

  • Gauge Difficulty: Analyze the percentage of keyword density to see whether it’s worth pursuing a term. Even if a phrase has a high search volume, attaining a good position in the SERPs might be difficult if the percent of keyword density is also high.
  • Consider Relevance: Consider how valuable and relevant the traffic from specific keywords would be for your company. For instance, you might come across a keyword with a lot of search activity or discover that a rival gets a lot of traffic for a particular term. However, visitors to your site may not produce income just because they are coming from these new queries – it takes work doing conversion optimization to make that happen. 
  • Utilize Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are less competitive, but they are more purposeful and often have commercial intent. This means that people who search for information using these terms are more likely to buy a specific product or service. 

Contact us today for help with your keyword analysis strategy, and keep checking the blog for more resources on the subject. You might also want to read this helpful article from AHREFS.

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