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So, You’re Going to do some “DIY SEO” 🛠️

So, you’ve decided to embark on doing some “DIY SEO”.

As you start to dive into the endless number of SEO tutorials and guides, you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of optimization methods. This can often leave you feeling more confused than when you started. Despite this, your determination to handle your own SEO is commendable. Many intelligent business owners undertake this journey to save costs or to gain enough understanding of SEO to make informed decisions when hiring consultants. Let’s get into our main list of DIY SEO tips.

Choosing Your SEO Guidance Wisely:

Stick to One Primary Source

When learning SEO, we recommend sticking to one primary source of guidance. Choose an author or agency whose advice resonates with you and follow their methods diligently. The effectiveness of their strategies can only be verified through personal application and results. While we’d love to be your go-to source, limiting your information intake is crucial to avoid confusion and conflicting strategies. If your initial choice doesn’t yield results, consider moving on to the next best option. Remember, juggling multiple sources or hiring several agencies simultaneously can lead to mixed messages and potential penalties from Google as strategies conflict.

Beware of Outdated Information

A significant pitfall in self-taught SEO is the reliance on outdated sources. You might find a perfect strategy online, only to realize that the article dates back to 2009. With Google updating its algorithms frequently, techniques that were effective a decade ago are likely now obsolete. For busy business owners, staying current with daily SEO changes is impractical. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the relevance of the information before applying any outdated methods.

The Realities of DIY SEO

Understanding the Commitment

DIY SEO involves continuously researching new strategies, testing them, recording results, and repeating the process. This can be tedious and time-consuming; only some are cut out for the relentless optimization cycle and updates. If you find this aspect daunting, consider whether handling your SEO is right for you. DIY SEO will require a realistic understanding of the effort involved in achieving true success with organic search marketing.

Dealing with Industry Uncertainties

The SEO industry lacks a universally accepted “magic formula” for success. Techniques that improve ranking are often closely guarded secrets until they become widely known. Online forums are rife with debates and disagreements over best practices, with no definitive authority on the correct approach. This can lead to significant confusion and inconsistency in strategies.

Historical Perspective and Industry Evolution

From the early days, those in the SEO industry typically have an advantage, having witnessed the evolution of algorithms like Google’s PageRank. I personally remember when simple, often spammy, methods could easily rank pages. However, as search engines refined what they deemed “fair” practices, the landscape changed dramatically, emphasizing the importance of adopting correct and ethical SEO practices.

The Challenge of Competing as a Novice

Handling your own SEO is a massive undertaking. Most business owners opt to hire professionals to manage their SEO, which means you might be at a significant disadvantage if you’re competing against experienced agencies. Before committing to DIY SEO, consider the complexities and the steep learning curve.

Making the Decision

After considering these points, if you feel that DIY SEO might be too daunting, it might be wise to seek professional help. Hiring an experienced agency like August SEO can save you time and ensure your website is optimized effectively., without costing you tons of extra time to learn the basics. The basics are really not going to be enough in many cases to compete with the main players in any industry.

If you’d like professional help, please schedule a free consultation to explore how your website can be transformed into an SEO-optimized entity.

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