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Unique Content Achieves Your SEO Goals

Unique Content is the cornerstone of any great website. If you want to rank your website well in Google Search Results, focus on your content first. I think most people imagine Search Engine Optimization to be a difficult puzzle of some kind. It’s mostly a combination of being a decent writer, and knowing how to provide a good experience when a visitor lands on your web page. The main factors Google pays attention to are things like: How many people are linking to this page/domain? Is this article well written? Does it provide value in the form of good information?

In the course of doing business as a Spokane SEO consultant, one of the points I find myself repeating most is that it’s the quality of your unique content that’s going to get you more business. Although many don’t see the direct correlation between offering a personalized piece of content and more leads, it does actually make some sense.

You see, Google wants people using it’s services to find great content each and every time.

Why? Because Google wants people to trust its brand and rely on its search functions when it matters most. If Google started serving you irrelevant websites to you tomorrow, you would start to view it in the same light as Bing or Yahoo.

Really, if you think about it from Google’s point of view, what reason have you given them to put your site on the first page of the greatest search tool ever created if all you’ve managed to do is copy and paste your content from somewhere else? Some people are so dead set on not writing anything themselves that they stoop as low as stealing others’ content – which is quite obviously plagiarism. Other people try to “scrape” relevant content using available harvesting software, but either of these “methods” will end up harming your online presence more than if you posted nothing at all! So the bottom line here is if you aren’t willing to bring something new to the table, well, Google would rather you just avoid posting anything at all! Don’t clutter up the internet with more garbage!

Unique Content Is an Easy Way to Bring in Quality Web Traffic

Google also naturally wants to point their searchers towards websites that do things “the right way”, as well as sites that provide the most relevant content to their searchers. Any deviation from the aforementioned agenda will result in your sites getting ranked below your competitors. Any black-hat tricks you may feel are beneficial now, won’t be for too much longer.

The real reason you’d want to avoid any kind of  “black hat” activities in 2018 and beyond – has to do with Google’s awesome Machine Learning Algorithms. Everyday magical calculations are taking place to identify the differences between computer generated content (spam) and human-written text (the good stuff).

By writing real, unique content, you’re about 50% there. Once your content has been created is when the real fun begins and folks like us get to work (SEO’s that is). Someone like myself would start to check and manipulate your keyword densities and determine the best option for the title tags, and so on. Though the process of SEO is never truly complete (you can always find a new link partner!), that’s a very basic look at how the process begins.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be difficult, but many people regard it as a science (which it can be I suppose) and end up overdoing something in one area or another. The basics are extremely important to your overall search presence. If you’ve been led to believe it’s all about backlinks and owning popular domains, that’s not the whole picture.

Here’s some additional reading from Google’s own support pages on why you shouldn’t be using duplicate content: Unique Content.

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