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August SEO is a values-driven Spokane SEO agency that empowers our clients through competent search marketing.

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We help local Spokane businesses with local search marketing strategy development.

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Our primary strategy includes the use of Contentled SEO


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Consultants That Care About Your Success

As Spokane search engine optimization experts, you’ll hear the word “relevance” many times if we work together! Search relevance is about helping search engines understand what your website has to offer.

Hire a local Spokane SEO consultant who lives here! We’re not some distant national corporation you can never seem to reach. We meet our local clients in person regularly to ensure we’re on the same page. 

We find it meaningful to rely on our search marketing abilities for our inbound lead gen. Doing so keeps our SEM skills razor-sharp. In the SEO world, relying on outdated tactics or methodologies is a mistake.

Many falsehoods and misconceptions plague the search marketing industry. For that reason (among others), we are an SEO company that emphasizes doing things the right way to establish a trust-based relationship with our clients from the start. 

From the moment you begin your search marketing plan, we’ll do our best to show you how search engine optimization can be done simply and effectively. We’re passionate about providing excellent customer service.

Spokane SEO Agency

We’re used to working with companies throughout Spokane County to develop highly effective organic Spokane SEO campaigns that work. 

We are masters of local search in the Spokane & CDA areas, and we hope you choose us to be your trusted partner-in-crime. 

We strategize with our clients to help them reach their online goals using proven SEO methods, social media, & PPC management.

First and foremost, we believe in providing effective digital marketing. We stick to a performance-driven strategy that allows you to connect with your audience innovatively across various digital platforms. 

Contact us today if you want to work with local and results-driven Spokane SEO experts.

How We Can Help

We work collaboratively with your organization to get any job done. Our campaigns are designed to grow any internet-facing business, help your brand thrive, and ensure you get new customers. Being creative is in our blood, so you can expect our consultants to use every last drop of design magic to convey your brand’s ideas in a relatable and straightforward way that gets results.

Our primary objective for any client, regardless of the product or service you offer – is to assist you in developing your business website. We can start from the ground up or take your current presence down to the studs to renovate. 

Testing, optimizing, and analyzing the search market with extreme levels of accuracy are all part of our focused approach to search engine marketing. 

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Please use this form to send us your info, and we’ll dive in to make an assessment of your business website. We’ll report our findings to the email address you include on your submission.

We Help Spokane & Spokane Valley Business Owners!

We study the search marketing ecosystem daily so our local Spokane SEO clients can worry less about website compliance and the latest directives on best practices. We’re very familiar with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many smaller platforms that may assist you in achieving additional online visibility. We specialize in modifying WordPress-based websites (our preferred CMS system). We’re into working with local business owners that we can get to know on a personal level. We’d be honored to help your business grow. 

Obtain the search rankings that will launch your business into overdrive with help from our Spokane SEO services. As an independent Spokane SEO company, we aim to show local businesses how to achieve true online success with high volumes of inbound organic search traffic. 

SEO requires a considerable investment of time and effort, so for that reason, we choose only to accept customers we believe we can help. Our reputation is on the line, so we research as much as possible to ensure we’ll be able to truly enhance the SEO of any new client.