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Here We Go Again, Google Update Time

Earlier this week, myself and many other SEO’s started to witness the beginning of a major Google update. Every so often Google makes “quality” updates to enhance their search platform – & these changes can have a dramatic impact on search engine ranking positions.

As you can see from the photo above, things are pretty crazy right now. The red area on the chart denotes that the Google rankings are experiencing some major “waves”.  Now, there’s no need to worry if you’ve been doing everything “above board” with your website. However, if you’ve been trying to cheat or otherwise “game the system”, get ready to feel the pain.

This last Google update is a HUGE one, and I’m already witnessing many industries being affected for better or worse. If you find that your own website has lost a large portion of your ranking positions, don’t hesitate to touch base to see if we can help.

Our own website is currently riding the wave / trend upwards, meaning we’ve benefited from this last shift in the algorithm, but others may not be so lucky. Use this form to request a review of your website. We’ve even posted on this subject before back in 2018.

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